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Here are a few of the comments we’re receiving from Presentation Hosts and Attendees:

  • “Best presentation of the conference!” – August 2014 Teacher Training
  • “Super engaging, helpful information!” – August 2014 Teacher Training
  • “We definitely will recommend you to our partner agencies” – University student support services center
  • “This is one of our most loved classes!” – Income improvement services organization
  • “Very informative and enthusiastic to help people understand.” – Refugee orientation agency
  • “Todd did on amazing job. Thank you very much.” – Housing authority
  • “This presentation was so worthwhile & will greatly benefit our clients! Thank you!” – Counseling center
  • Teacher Training Conference-August 2014“He had really good rapport with the [first grade] students. The kids…integrated the curriculum into their lives. I overheard a student say, ‘Mom I want the toy. I know I don’t need it, but I want it.'”
  • “We greatly appreciate Todd & the professional manner in which he works with our facility.” Community work center

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