Everyday Money for Everyday People

Everyday Money for Everyday People stands on the shoulders of the great American tradition begun more than three centuries ago with Poor Richard’s Almanac. It’s a financial guidebook of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Winner of two first place North American Book Awards (Business Finance and Parenting & Family) and second place in business at the 2015 Idaho Authors Awards, this powerful, practical money guidebook is for ANYBODY and EVERYBODY ready to swap financial insecurity for financial stability and success.

The book’s eight sections (in 22 chapters) address the following topics:

  1. Everyday Values: Vision, Management and Hope
  2. Everyday Giving: Generosity First, Wealth Next
  3. Everyday Planning: Turning Your Budget from Your Foe to at Least a Frenemy
  4. Everyday Spending: Paper or Plastic? Cash or debit or credit? Oh My!
  5. Everyday Credit: (Re)Building Credit
  6. Everyday Debt: Toward a Debt-free Life
  7. Everyday Savings: Simple Strategies
  8. Everyday Waste: Minimizing our “Dollar Dumps” and Redirecting the Financial Path of Least Resistance

Bonus Chapter (23): Fooling Your Family Members into Better Financial Behaviors

Order today for just $12 Delivered

To order your copy of Everyday Money for Everyday People (2013) today for just $7.55 plus 6% Idaho tax and $4 shipping ($12 total), please click on the link below to use your debit card or Paypal account.


Please feel free to contact the author and Debt Reduction Services, Inc. using one of the methods below:

Toll-free (877) 688-3328

6213 N Cloverdale Rd Ste 100
Boise ID 83713


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