Results of Wealth Quiz

So, How Did You Do?

(This page is meant as a follow up to a “Wealth” quiz published June 10, 2015)

The closer you scored to 100%, the more your current lifestyle and financial decisions are in line with those of the wealthy.

  • 80%-100%: Keep it up! While life may through you some curve balls from time to time, you have the right attitude and personality to improve upon what life has given you. You are a thorough believer that life is what you make of it. Luck is for others, because you make your own every day, hour by hour, as you work to improve upon your circumstances. Just don’t forget to pass the wealth of knowledge along to the next generation. Your way of thinking is teachable and needs to be relayed to the children and grandchildren in your life.
  • 50%-70%: Room for improvement. While you generally behave like the wealthy and that you typically don’t go overboard as a consumer (Consumers vs. Builders), you may lack the resolve to see it through. You still believe, to an extent, that luck has a lot to do with becoming wealthy, although you’re usually willing to do your part. That’s what the occasional lottery ticket is for, right? Keep in mind that, as you sometimes suspect, wealth is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sitting on a tropical beach, sipping your favorite drink, watching the sun set on another perfect day is something the even wealthy don’t experience as often as you think. Do some follow up research to learn what the wealthy (not those on TV) are really like. Check out Tom Corley’s blog, Jean Chatzky’s book, The Difference, Stanley and Danko’s, The Millionaire Next Door, David Bach’s, Automatic Millionaire, Harv Eker’s, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Lee and McKenzie’s, Getting Rich in America, and even Benjamin Franklin’s, The Way to Wealth and Other Writings on Finance, to name a few.
  • 0%-40%: Generational poverty aside (which is a huge request in and of itself, I grant), you would do well to reorient your beliefs about what it is to be wealthy. The wealthy are not generally the same as the Kardasians. Professional athletes, music stars and actors are not representative of the wealthy. They are the exceptions… by a long shot. Unfortunately, given their high public profile, they are what you likely associate with financial success. As you see it, life gives you talent or not, and then luck takes over. You probably believe that financial success is determined at birth, and you may very well see that become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The reality, though, is that you have it within you to make the changes in your attitudes and your actions to get on the track to wealth. The question is, is that really what you want?

“If you want to BE wealthy, you need to start ACTING wealthy.”

This is a true statement. However, most people who are not wealthy, once they find out what ACTING wealthy really means, are just as likely to have a change of heart about BEING wealthy. “If there’s no sports car, brand name clothing, and mansion guaranteed, what’s the point?”

The point is, wealth is not about consuming. It’s about building. Wealth is security: security against those curve balls (and fast balls and knuckle balls) that life will inevitably throw your way. Wealth is freedom: freedom to attend your family’s most important events, freedom to volunteer for causes that are close to your heart, freedom to take risks on ideas that excite you.

What are you willing to do for such security and freedom? Start with one behavior at a time. Work on it for a month, and then move on to the next. In less than a year, you’ll have developed the beliefs, attitudes and habits of the wealthy, putting you on the same highway they’re on.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Todd Christensen-Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People

*Many financial advisers suggest never paying off your mortgage since interest rates are typically much lower than the return you’re likely to earn on securities investments. Unfortunately, as too many learned during the housing downturn of the Great Recession, owing more on your home that what it’s worth takes away many importance choices the homeowner might want to make. For example, if you owe more than what your home is worth, moving away to take another job is often out of the question.

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