Christmas Spending Personality #7 – Santa

Just as there are as many “characters” in our families as there are members of them, there are various spending personalities that surface during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, most of them tend to involve impulse spending, overspending, entitlement spending (think, “I deserve a dinner out after shopping all day”), sales spenders (never met a sale they didn’t like), and/or justified spender (think, “this is for a good cause so I’m going all out”).

Let’s see if you recognize yourself in the Christmas Spending Personalities that I’m profiling this Christmas season.

Here’s Christmas Spending Personality #7:

Santa Spending PersonalitySanta

For most children, Santa is the ultimate symbol of Christmas. The giver of gifts, the friendly flying elf, and the jolly and generous gentle legend, Santa has an army (figuratively of course) of elves working almost year round to make the gifts he gives away in one night.

You might be a Santa Spender if…you tend to give away the workshop once a year and then need 11 months to recover. You’re a giver by nature, but Christmas still wears you out. Once the mayhem of Christmas morning is over, you feel like crawling into the nearest elf-pod for a long winter’s nap.

Christmas Tip: Don’t forget your list. Then, as you would with the Christmas tree, trim it! Cut your Christmas list down to a manageable size that does not necessarily include your uncle’s best friend’s cousin’s dog. Keep it sensible. Giving gifts with meaning is better than meaning to give gifts to everyone you know.

Have a healthy and happy Christmas season! Happy holidays to all as we strive to make it magical without breaking the bank.

Todd Christensen-Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People

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