Christmas Spending Personality #6 – Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar

Just as there are as many “characters” in our families as there are members of them, there are various spending personalities that surface during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, most of them tend to involve impulse spending, overspending, entitlement spending (think, “I deserve a dinner out after shopping all day”), sales spenders (never met a sale they didn’t like), and/or justified spender (think, “this is for a good cause so I’m going all out”).

Let’s see if you recognize yourself in the Christmas Spending Personalities that I’m profiling this Christmas season.

Here’s Christmas Spending Personality #6:

3 Magi Christmas Spending PersonalitiesMelchior, Caspar and Balthazar

By tradition, these are the names of the three kings, or magi, who brought gifts to the newborn king. As spending personalities, Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar give thoughtful gifts of meaning (usually faith-based) out of their “abundance.” This abundance might come from their earnings (gold) or possibly from the labor of their own hands (harvesting of aromatic tree resins for Myrrh and Frankincense).

You might be Melchior, Caspar or Balthazar the Christmas Spenders if…your gifts are based on religious traditions in general and Christmas traditions in particular. You may even be a collector of traditional Christmas symbols such as crèches, candles or bells.

Christmas Tip: While the three magi have been represented as kings with wealth to present precious gifts, most of us are not in such a financial category. If this is your spending personality at Christmas time, be careful not to let your penchant for collections get the best of you. It’s easy to let the tradition of collecting symbols take precedence over their ultimate meanings. If you must build upon a collection, build it into your budget (and savings plan) ahead of time so you have the money to spend on it for the holidays.

Have a healthy and happy Christmas season! Happy holidays to all as we strive to make it magical without breaking the bank.

Todd Christensen-Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People

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