Christmas Spending Personality #5 – Frosty the Snowman

Just as there are as many “characters” in our families as there are members of them, there are various spending personalities that surface during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, most of them tend to involve impulse spending, overspending, entitlement spending (think, “I deserve a dinner out after shopping all day”), sales spenders (never met a sale they didn’t like), and/or justified spender (think, “this is for a good cause so I’m going all out”).

Let’s see if you recognize yourself in the Christmas Spending Personalities that I’m profiling this Christmas season.

Here’s Christmas Spending Personality #5:

Frosty the Christmas SpenderFrosty the Snowman

Frosty is our snow lover. He or she can’t wait for the first snowfall of the season or to run to the slopes. The perfect Christmas for Frosty is spent at a resort in the mountains (or at least at a cabin).

You might be Frosty the Christmas Spender if…you decide upon a location for your Christmas holiday first and then try to figure out how to pay for it second. The Frosty Christmas Spending Personality rarely lets price get in the way of the perfect Christmas vacation. They say first, “we’re going” and save the question, “how are we going to pay for this?” for later. Besides overspending on holiday travel and lodging, they can also easily let corresponding expenses get out of control, like clothing, meals, and souvenirs.

Christmas Tip: Focus on the loved ones before the beloved location. If the budget is tight, consider a Christmas staycation and save the trip for an off-season week with its off-season prices (the week BEFORE Thanksgiving is a great time to travel).

Have a healthy and happy Christmas season! Happy holidays to all as we strive to make it magical without breaking the bank.

Todd Christensen-Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People

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