Christmas Spending Personality #1 – Scrooge

As we move from Thanksgiving to Christmas, it’s time (actually way past time) to consider how to address the financial challenges and issues that come with “the most wonderful time of the year.” As retailers continue their heavy push to market their wares (as they have always), many of us become susceptible to overspending during the holidays in different ways.

And not everyone is tempted to overspend in the same manner. This is because there are many different spending personalities out there (some being REALLY “out there”), and the Christmas holiday season seems to accentuate each one of them.

Let’s see if you recognize yourself in any of the 7 Christmas Spending Personalities that I’ll be profiling over the next few weeks.

Here’s Christmas Spending Personality #1:

Scrooge Christmas Spending PersonalityScrooge

Poor Ebenezer Scrooge! Charles Dicken’s total-tightwad turned year-long Christmas do-gooder has never received the positive recognition he deserves. Call someone a “Scrooge” nowadays and you’re calling them a money-hungry, greedy you-know-what who cares little for that which does not earn or save him money and even less for the people behind such plans. What happened to rooting for the bad guys to have a change of heart and become the good guys? This is, after all, the story of Dicken’s 1843, A Christmas Carol.  Unfortunately for Ebenezer, his former reputation always seems to supersede his ultimate holiday personality makeover. Still, in keeping with his ultimate transformation, I’d like to identify Scrooge in his more positive light.

You might be a Scrooge Christmas Spender if…you’re one who has a hard time spending money on just about anything that doesn’t profit you or your household, but still, in the end, you find joy in spending on others (in the form of gifts or other support). If this sounds like you, consider yourself a Christmas Scrooge (and I mean that in the kindest, most loving way). You tend to be very generous at this time of year (although year-round as well), both anonymously and even sometimes conspicuously (in order to spread Christmas cheer, or course).

Christmas Tip if You’re a Scrooge: You already likely live by a Christmas budget and know that debt is a four letter word. Just remember to curb your tendencies to bemoan the commercialism of the season (although it is excessively commercialized, I agree). Remember that Christmas is a magical time for the kids especially and that we’d rather see the excitement of hope in their eyes than the emptiness of cynicism.

Have a healthy and happy Christmas season! Happy holidays to all as we strive to make it magical without breaking the bank.

Todd Christensen-Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People

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