Thanksgiving Financial Statistics and Blessings

CornucopiaStatistic Brain looked at statistics from the USDA, US Census Bureau and elsewhere to come up with the cost of our Thanksgiving meal, by household: $54.18. That doesn’t mean that spread of food on our Thanksgiving table this next week will have cost just $54.18, on average. No, the $54.18 is an average “household” meal expense. So, if there are three households around the Thanksgiving table, the food likely cost over $160. If you’re hosting five households (you invite your parents, your two siblings and their children, and a neighbor), you’re likely to spend about $270 on the food.

If you are the hosting type, be sure to allow those you invite to defray the cost by having them bring delicious dishes of their own to share.

Additionally, Statistic Brain suggests that over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, the average household will spend over $300, certainly thanks to Black Friday and the anticipation of Cyber Monday.

As mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and friends head to the grocery and department stores in the next few days to prepare for Thanksgiving Day, let’s all take a collective breath, make a list, divvy out the different courses, and stay under budget. While delicious food and fun decorations add to the holiday, let’s not lose track of the truly valuable blessings we have  around us and within us.

May I take a moment to express gratitude for my own wonderful family (Wendy, our kids, our parents and extended family), my friends, my faith, my work, my health, and our freedoms. While we’re truly blessed, I hope we all use such blessing to lift and improve the lives of those around us. Those are opportunities for which I give thanks this year.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

Todd Christensen-Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People

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