Addressing Clue #2 that You Might be a Financial Zombie

On October 8th, 2013, I published my first list of clues that you might be a financial zombie. I will be addressing each of those clues (11) individually plus any others posted during the month, with the goal of counteracting the financial infection.

Advertising Works...UnfortunatelyClue #2: You buy something that you’ve seen or heard in an advertisement

Like Clue #1, this clue that someone is a financial zombie has to do with their lack of conscious thought.

Also, as is well documented, zombies have excellent hearing. They hear, they react, they are attracted to noise.

And what better example can we cite of financial noise than television, radio  or Internet commercials, billboards, and other forms of advertisements? When a Financial Zombie hears an ad say that a particular article of clothing is “to die for” (don’t worry, the phrase can’t offend the unthinking undead), or that a new fast food sandwich is truly mouth-watering (now we’re speaking zombie talk), they hear, they react, and they head off to the store or restaurant to make what is likely an unaffordable purchase.

To counteract this infection, try making fun of the advertisements (we all know that the undead can’t stand humor). Seriously, ask questions like, “What is this ad saying about their product?” “Will that drink really make me more attractive to the beautiful ladies?” “Will that car make me more successful?”  “Will driving that big truck make me a tougher man?” “Will my baby really be happier and more sanitary with diapers that have cartoon characters on them?” Speaking of, please involve the kids when they’re around, so as to inoculate them against future infection.

To provide a bit more strength against the draw of the advertisement, try writing down one or two short-term financial goals and keep the handy (although not all zombies are able to keep both hands long into their decaying state). Write them on a small card that you put in your wallet or purse or on your fridge or nightstand. Look at it regularly, and you’ll be more likely to place the advertised items in their proper place on your goal card: at the bottom!

Here’s a poll for you:

Have a great day!


Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People


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