A Commitment to Everyday Savings

Every now and then, I hear a few students in some of my classes grumble when I say that “in my opinion, a regular savings habit is the best predictor of long-term financial stability, security and success.” Sometimes, a few of these  individuals voice their concern that they don’t earn enough money to save anything at all.

True? Perhaps. However, I will offer to review their income and expenses of anyone with a regular paycheck in order to help them find something to put away for the future.

Here’s the reality of savings:

Savings is a commitment, not an amount.

Savings is a commitment, not an amount.That sounds simple, but it’s true. When we’re earning $15,000 a year, we think that if we just earned another $5,000 a year, we could start putting some money into a savings account. When we start earning $20,000, we need another $5,000 before we start saving. And so on and so on. There is no amount of money that will overcome our lack of commitment to save something each month.

Conversely, there are extraordinarily few amounts of meager household incomes that will keep a committed saver from putting a few dollars away each month.

Bears repeating:

Savings is a commitment, not an amount.

Save on!

Todd Christensen
Everyday Money for Everyday People


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